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About the project

PopVaT – Promotion of Science and Technology in Slovakia


Project of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava

National project

Operational programme: Research and Development

Project is co-financed by: European Regional Development Fund

Non-refundable aid: 14 949 307,96 Eur 


The strategic objective of the project is to improve the perception and status of science in the society through promotion of science and technology in general public, including youth, putting emphasis on the specific role of the science community in this process. To achieve this objective, the project counts with coverage and development of existing promotional activities and creation of a supporting infrastructure for popularization of science (technology, supporting programmes, expert capacities, tools for promotion etc.). In the framework of the project a Scientific and Execution Committee will be created, formed by relevant experts securing the execution and expert supervision of the activities and objectives of the project, which could continue in their activities even after the project. Within the project, targeted activities will be proposed and executed, as well as activities facilitating promotion and publicity of science and technology in Slovakia, with the extensive use of media (TV, radio, print and online media etc.),  aiming for most outstanding results in reaching the project’s target groups.


Project of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava will be encouraging the promotion of research and development in Slovakia taking into account the particular needs of the target groups, including those of the scientific community. As a result of this approach, the project will lead to an increased awareness and a more positive public opinion on research and development and innovative activity of scientists, improvement of their status in society and a broader support and understanding of the public in respect to public expenses targeted at science, technology and innovation.


The same importance is put on the goal of increasing the youth’s interest in pursuing the career in the field of science and technology and the support for long-term cooperation and interaction between the scientific community, the private sector and the public.


Last, but not least, the project aims to motivate scientists into active promotion of their research and development activities and the promotion of their achieved results applicable in practice. The objective is to attain understanding of the importance of promotion of science from the scientists’ standpoint and thus secure the activity in the field of science promotion even after the project.


Specific objective 1:

  • Increased awareness of the general public including youth, about the importance of science and technology and in the same time increased awareness within the scientific community about the importance of promotion of science.

Basic data

PopVaT – Promotion of science and technology in Slovakia

Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava
Lamačská cesta 8/A
811 04 Bratislava

Research and Development

European Regional Development Fund

14 949 307,96 EUR

April 2013 – October 2015

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