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Slovak Scientist of the year 2013

Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technological Information, Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies have announced the competition of remarkable Slovak scientists, technologists and young researchers from all fields of science – the competition Slovak Scientist of the year 2013.

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Biomimetics – inspired by nature

We usually perceive nature in the scale that our human eye allows us. If we have the opportunity, we can zoom in the botanical or zoological object with a magnifying glass or an optical microscope. Such enlarged world exposes its new structures that astonish us with their perfection and functionality.

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Jozef Maximilian Petzval – Pioneer of the modern optics and photography

Publication of brochure about Jozef Maximilián Petzval.

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Science Film Festival – competition for the young

Within the Science Film Festival SFF 2014 will take place a short film competition about science and technology. Enter into competition is possible to individuals or collective of authors, that through their films bring closer science and technology around us in an attractive, playful, educational or other manner.

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Science Film Festival

The most interesting films awarded on prestigious international competitions that commonly do not get to Slovak cinemas and televisions will be presented to film enthusiasts on 12th to 15th November 2014. Our effort will be to present the most interesting from actual findings in natural and technical sciences and humanities.

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Meet the amusing side of science!

Come meet the amusing side of science to the Digipoint premises in Bratislava´s Polus Shopping Center on the 14th to 27th April 2014.

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Information seminary: Science Film Festival: Current state and travel inspirations

Presentation of the film festival in state of development with options of interconnection with experiences from business travels.

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Jozef M. Petzval – the captor of light

Let us introduce Jozef M.Petzval as not only a theorist in the field of optics, but as well as an active photographer and long-standing university professor of mathematics at Vienna University.

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Illustrated Scientific Joke 2013

The competition „Illustrated Scientific Joke 2013“ organized by SCHOLA LUDUS has received 219 jokes, 140 of them being from primary school students, 63 from secondary school students and 16 jokes from the mixed teams (parents and children, teachers and students) respectively adults.

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Conference Quo Vadis high school science and technology education 2013

6th scientific conference Quo Vadis high school science and technology education 2013 held from the 11th to the 12th November 2013.

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