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Specific objective 1

Specific objective 1

  • Increased awareness of the general public including youth, about the importance of science and technology and in the same time increased awareness within the scientific community about the importance of promotion of science.


Name of the activity 1.1 

Promotion of science and technology with emphasis on general public, youth and scientific community


Objective of the activity 1.1

The objective of the activity is to promote science and technology within three target groups – general public, youth and scientific community. Each of the target groups will be addressed by a specific form of promotion. The main objective in the general public target group is to increase awareness about the importance of science and technology for the economic growth of the country. Motivation and increased attractiveness of natural and technical sciences could lead to positive influence on the career selection process in the youth target group. The objective of the scientific community target group is to support the promotion of results of scientific activities, scientific institutions, and the scientists themselves. Implementation of these objectives will lead to higher awareness of the entire society about the importance of science and technology, its promotion, and better communication between the particular target groups.


The activity is planned in three phases

1st phase – preparatory phase: 04/2013 – 9/2013 (6 months)

2nd phase – execution phase: 04/2013 – 10/2015 (31 months)

3rd phase – final phase: 05/2015 – 10/2015 (6 months)


Activity implementation duration:

31 months

April/2013 - October/2015


Activity 1.1 coordinator

Mgr. Andrea Putalová

Basic data

PopVaT – Promotion of science and technology in Slovakia

Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava
Lamačská cesta 8/A
811 04 Bratislava

Research and Development

European Regional Development Fund

14 949 307,96 EUR

April 2013 – October 2015

ITMS Codes: