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The invitation to the event Science in the Centre

The continual growth of production and consumption of polymer materials still puts greater demands on improving of their processing and commercial characters. In this way, a huge help is the dynamic development of nanotechnology, the science that deals with the behaviour, characteristics and composition of structures with dimensions approaching the size of atoms. Just these applications of such structures in the near future are expected in all departments of industries, but also in medicine and other fields.

During the lecture we will learn what the polymer nanocomposites are, how they are being prepared and where they could be used. Dr. Omastová will present nanocomposites based on elastomeric matrix and carbon nano-tubes (CNT) and she will introduce also polymer actuators with CNT that are interesting for example in the production of Braille devices for the visually impaired people. Conductive polymers covering carbon nano-tubes or graphene nanoparticles find their use as cathode layers in solar cells. There are many examples of cooperation of plastics and nanotechnologies, however, real applications are less, even though this area is a challenge for intensive research that will surely bring us in the future improvements in many areas of our contemporary life.

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PopVaT – Promotion of science and technology in Slovakia

Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava
Lamačská cesta 8/A
811 04 Bratislava

Research and Development

European Regional Development Fund

14 949 307,96 EUR

April 2013 – October 2015

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